E-Biz is Good Biz Level I Certificate

Are You Ready To Go Online?

E-commerce is changing the way we do business – not just big corporations, but small and medium-sized enterprises, too. In this module you will discover some of the benefits of doing business on-line, and find out about tools that will help you move your business into the world of electronic commerce. The module is based on a case study. You will follow the story of a small business with big plans – then find out how the business owners achieved their goals.

Building Your Business Web Site

Creating a business web site is much like building a house: planning before construction will pay off! Attention to details, layout and design are all part of the process. Once a web site is developed, ongoing maintenance, evaluation and adaptations are required. This module will provide you with an introduction to building and maintaining a business web site. In this module you will follow a case study, as small business owner Brad Martin creates a web site for his business, Martin Photography. Finally, you'll review the behind-the-scenes information you need to ensure that your web site meets your business needs.

Doing Business Online

So you're ready to go online with your business -or maybe you're exploring ways that your business could benefit from having an Internet presence. Where do you start, and how do you go about taking your business to the World Wide Web? The Internet can enhance small and medium-sized enterprises while new businesses can be launched from the Internet. However, as in any other business expansion or venture, planning and preparation are essential for success. In this module, you will discover the benefits of having an Internet presence. You will consider the elements required in a business Internet strategy, and then you will research the costs of developing and maintaining a business web site.

E-Business Strategic and Action Planning

When yo?re faced with a confusing set of options, a good roadmap† a good strategy† is probably the best way to avoid getting los?&and to make sure your decisions keep you moving forward. This module will help you decide whether e-business fits into your enterprise. You’ll take a look at some of the things you’ll have to consider before taking the plunge. Essentially, you’ll learn more about strategic, business and action planning.

Increasing Web Site Traffic

Your web site has been launched, the visitors are coming, and you’re off to a great start. What comes next? This module will help you explore and refine your Internet strategy so that your web site can become your most effective marketing tool. We’ll investigate the web features that can improve communications with your customers and keep them coming back to your site. Finally, we'll consider ways to measure customer visit behaviour.

Intermediation: Communication Technology

The global information society has transformed the way we do business. One of the most widespread changes is the use of the Internet to develop more efficient communications between suppliers and users of goods and services. This process is called intermediation. In this module we will look at how new Internet-based technologies have revolutionized business communications. First we will define intermediation. Then we will examine how technology has affected business communications. Finally, we will look at some of the online technologies that are helping businesses communicate better, faster and more cost-effectively.

Intermediation: The New Business Environment

Digital, computer-based technologies have created a new business environment that affects the way companies of all sizes do business. A key aspect of this new environment is intermediation, the process of using the Internet to develop more efficient relations between suppliers and users of goods and services. In this module we will review the characteristics of the new business environment. Then we will talk about some legal implications for doing business online. Finally, we will discuss the online business environment. We will look at how various brokerage and agency activities have been transformed by the Internet and how you can use these functions to do business online.

Introduction to the E-Commerce Series

Is your business strictly a bricks and mortar operation? Does it have untapped potential in the Internet marketplace? Or is your enterprise presently online? Whether you are considering electronic commerce for the first time, or revising and adapting your current online strategy, this series of modules offers key strategies in e-commerce planning, implementation and evaluation. This one-hour module will provide a small peek into what e-commerce is all about.

Market Research on the Internet

If you’re looking for new market opportunities for your business, it’s time to investigate the research potential of the Internet. Business people like you are turning to the Internet as their key source of market information. They are using the dynamic immediacy of the Internet to research consumer trends, find potential customers, investigate new supply sources, and evaluate the competition. The Internet can be your doorway to market research too. In this course, you’ll use the top features of popular search engines and generate current market reports at business data sites.

Marketing Basics for Business Web Sites

How do you turn web visitors into online buyers? What are the secrets to success when marketing over the Internet? Organizations of every size, from one-person operations to SMEs to multinationals, now have the capacity to compete successfully in the global marketplace, and consumers have greater choices than ever before when making purchases. In this module, we will review the basics of advertising, and apply them to online business. We will examine ways to identify the target market and create an effective e-marketing strategy. Lastly, we will turn our attention to some key technical aspects of e-marketing, including choosing a domain name and improving your ranking in search engines.

Reintermediation: New Opportunities Online

The emergence of new technologies creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs who have the skills and energy to exploit changing and developing markets. The rapid growth of computer-based technologies has generated a wide range of business opportunities. Reintermediation is the term used to describe this process of identifying new intermediary roles and prospects in the global information society. In this module we will raise your awareness of business opportunities associated with doing business on the Internet, including web development, web marketing, online payment processing, and media services.

Research Business Opportunities Online

Through the Internet, you can research your business ideas through the valuable first-hand advice of other business people. In this module, you will explore Internet Discussion Groups, forums in which you can explore business trends and ideas, and learn from the experiences of others. Managing internet information can be a large task; in this module, you will evaluate the reliability of information you find, using a market research model.

Searching the Net

One of the most “used and useful” applications of the Internet is its research capability. From elementary school classrooms to multinational corporations, people are finding the information they need, when they need it, on the Internet. In this course, you will find out how consumers, learners of all ages, and businesses of all sizes can use the Internet to find information, as well as develop your own Internet research skills.

Success on the Net

The Internet is changing the way companies do business - not just multinationals, but small and medium-sized enterprises, and micro-businesses too. In this course, you will find out how the Internet can help you do business more efficiently, more productively, and more profitably.

Surfing the Net

Never used the Internet before? Not even sure what the Internet is? Then this module is for you. You’ll find out what the Internet is, how it works, and how people of all ages, backgrounds and occupations are using it in their business and personal lives.