E-Biz is Good Biz Level II Certificate

Adding Advanced Web Site Features

Once your business is conducting transactions with customers and/or suppliers online, consider extending your business web site to include advanced features. Take into account interactions with consumers as well as other businesses. In this module, you will consider videoconferencing, m-commerce and e-metric.

Adding Value to Your Web Site

Truly effective web sites build on existing customer relationships. They do this by focusing on web site features, products and services that enhance the lives of customers. This could be in the form of information, additional services, discounts, and security. In this module, you will explore ways to add value to your web site through online features, and through customer relationship management. You will evaluate web-based features that support and increase relationships with customers as well as other businesses. Lastly, we will examine ways to refresh your web site.

Business Collaboration Online

The Internet provides a wealth of resources and opportunities that can help sustain and develop a business. These include tools that will enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with others who are involved—both directly and indirectly—in your business enterprise. This module will introduce you to some of these tools and provide information on how best to incorporate them into your daily business practices.

Business Communication Online

There is no question that your communication and networking skills are key factors in your ability to sustain and develop your business. The Internet provides new and exciting ways to extend your network and communicate effectively with the people that matter most to your business: suppliers, customers, and advisors, as well as all those people you don’t yet know but who are potential suppliers, customers, and advisors.

Introduction to IT Consulting

Introduction to Operations Management

Planning Your Online Shopping Site

Considering the creation of an online store can be a challenging decision for a small business. Where do you start, what resources do you require, and what are your options? This module is designed to help you identify the questions that you will need to answer before you begin to explore the option of developing an online store. You will learn the language and information that is required to guide you through your decision making process.

Research Risk

If you are looking for ways to move into an international market, we have advice on how to protect your intellectual assets. Best of all, our interactive Assessment Tools will help you set goals for your research so that you can pursue new opportunities, assess the risks, and stay on track for real business success.

Research Your Target Market

Web-based market data is growing at an impressive rate, but finding information that is relevant and timely for your business can be a real challenge. This module will take you to some of the best business data sites and show you how to focus online market research.

Smart Solutions for Your Business

Doing business on-line involves more than creating a web site. In fact, your business web site is just the beginning. You also need an effective e-marketing strategy that will bring visitors to your site and then turn them into buyers. In this module you will find out how e-marketing is similar to – and also different from – traditional marketing. You will also learn about tools that can help you develop an e-marketing strategy that works for you. The module is based on a case study of a business owner who is looking for more – increased sales, new markets and more return on his e-commerce investment. Find out how he gets what he wants.

Using Multimedia Online

Your web site is not something people read, it is something they do. Visiting your site is an activity. The tools for building a web site allow it to interact with the viewer. Make use of these tools. Audio and video tools will make your site different from your competitors in order to catch your customers' attention. The criteria for selecting and using audio and video online are based on a variety of factors, including purpose, audience, results and cost. In this module, you will consider the benefits of using multimedia on your business web site, and ways to incorporate audio and video. Lastly, we will examine the technical details of how to incorporate multimedia into your web site.

Web Site Basics