Five Star Service for Hospitality Managers

Coaching for Performance

Help your employees "get on track" by identifying causes of poor performance. Use these coaching strategies to make adjustments, promote a positive relationship and recognize successes.

Communicating Quality Service Standards

Communication is key to supporting and improving employee performance. Learn how to build a positive, trusting environment with employees that will promote quality service standards and improve customer service.

Identifying Customer Service Outcomes

How do you identify successful customer service encounters? Find evidence of customer service excellence and use this knowledge to exceed customer expectations. With valuable coaching skills, you can "close the gaps" in customer service.

Introduction to Five Star Service for Managers

What is customer service, and what are the benefits to promoting a service-focused approach with your employees? This module will introduce the coaching topics within this program, designed specifically for customer service coaches.

Moments of Truth

What is customer service, and how do you access your current level of customer satisfaction? Reap the benefits of customer service excellence by helping your employees to be service-focused. Learn how to exceed customer wants and needs, at every service point, and improve the customer satisfaction level within your organization.

Qualities and Expectations

Be the best coach you can be by adopting these qualities! Learn how to support your employees through service standard reviews, job performance standards and ongoing feedback. In this module, you'll explore coaching skills and techniques to help you activate the employee's potential, accomplish your key outcomes, and build the momentum of customer service.