Five Star Service for Hospitality Employees

Doing Your Best

Performing competently and learning continuously are essential to a team focused atmosphere, and to a quality service approach. In order to "do your best", you have to be able to rate your current level of service, from the customer's point of view. First, you'll learn how to deliver quality service via the telephone. Second, you'll use a "service scale" to see how you are performing. Then you'll focus on empowerment and your ability to satisfy the customer. Lastly, you’ll consider your understanding of your responsibilities and how you can work to "be your best".

First Impressions

The custome?s view of you and your organization is complete within seconds of entering your establishment. Learn how to create positive first impressions by focusing on the elements of quality service. All aspects of communication can influence the custome?s impressions; strive for positive interactions. In this module, you will learn about internal and external customers, how to add value to guest relationships, and the value of using positive “self-talk” to convey your interest in the customer and your work.

Introduction to Five Star Service for Employees

Take a new look at yourself and the people you deal with every day. In this program, you will learn skills that will improve relationships with the people we deal with every day, on and off the job. Designed by the Service Quality Institute specifically for workers in the hospitality industry, these modules will help you better understand what comprises excellence in customer service and how to stretch your limits.

Partners in Change

Service-oriented employees provide five star service because they are empowered to produce win/win situations for the customer and the organization. Bending the rules to meet customer needs and taking personal responsibility for customer comfort are all part of being a partner in change. In this module, you will learn about the aspects of empowerment and how to apply them to your service situation. You will identify ways to work together with internal customers (your co-workers); knowledge of the "internal customer chain" is essential to working as a team. Lastly, you will learn how to support your team members on a day-to-day basis in ways that promote quality service.

The Challenge

Even in the best-run and best-organized hotels there are times when things go wrong. In this module you will learn valuable techniques for handling customer complaints and problems. Conflict management process, tactics to avoid, types of problems and service recovery are essential strategies that will help you turn difficulties into five star service opportunities. Lastly in this module, you will consider ways to build relationships and add value.

The Customers Perspective

The essence of providing quality service lies in caring for the customer. In this module, you will consider ways to show the customer that you care. "Moments of truth", are opportunities to form an impression about the quality of your service. Assuming the customer's perspective, creating comfort and then determining what the customer needs are other important skills. Asking questions and listening with respect are strategies that allow you to provide five star service to customers.