Essence of Caring for Health Care

Essence of Caring for Health Care - Part One

In this module, we'll discuss aspects of personal growth and the benefits of positive communication. W?ll also discuss how the way we feel about ourselves impacts on the quality of service we give.

Essence of Caring for Health Care - Part Two

In this module, we'll discuss the image we project to others and meeting the needs of our patients and their families. W?ll also look at handling irate or dissatisfied patients.

Introduction to the Essence of Caring for Health Care

The Essence of Caring was designed to achieve three main objectives: improve communication with patients, their families and with co-workers in an environment in which quality care is a priority; increase the self-worth and self-image of every person within your facility, through mastery and daily practice of The Essence of Caring philosophy; and improve your organization's position by concentrating on quality service, the key to continued success in the health care community.

The Art of Making Patients Happy

In this module, we will be concentrating on two other types of quality service called performance and learning. We will also look at some ways of dealing with problem situations and what The Essence of Caring can do for us in the long run.

The Language of Positive Communication

In this module we will look closely at ways to give positive feedback to others and build the positive foundation we all need to do the best job possible.

Understanding Why People Do What They Do

From time to time, we all want some help in dealing with patients, their families, our co-workers and even our family and friends. That’s what The Essence of Caring system is designed to do; to help us improve our dealings with people. Of course, that will help your facility by improving its image.