Job Search for Success

Building a Resume

A resume is a first impression. Its purpose is to get you an interview. It is a highlight of your abilities and accomplishments. It shows a potential employer that you can do the job. In this module, we will identify the components of an effective resume, and show you how to build your own chronological resume, step-by-step.

Interview Skills

You have an job interview next week. Your personal marketing strategy has made this happen. Now, you need a strategy for the interview. In this module we will discuss the two key components in a successful interview strategy – preparation and presentation.

Introduction to Job Search for Success

Let’s be honest. Finding a job is not easy. It requires time and effort. You need to know yourself, know the job market, know the employment process, and develop and use a job search strategy. Job Search for Success will help you do all these things. In this module, you will find out about the contents, objectives, and features of the Job Search for Success online program.

Job Search Strategies

Once you have built your resume, you will develop and begin to implement your Job Search for Success marketing strategy. This will help you to contact both the obvious and the invisible job markets. This module will help you to identify job opportunities and to explore hidden job prospects, and, because finding a job is a full-time job, you will learn the importance of record keeping and follow-up.

Marketing Yourself

Knowing how to market yourself is an essential part of getting a job and planning a career. This module is about building a personal marketing strategy. You will need to do three things: decide what you are looking for in a job; become familiar with your personal features and benefits; and find the market for your product – you!

Preparing for Employment

You have accepted a new job. Your job search for success has come to an end. It is time to start building a career and a relationship with your new company, boss, and co-workers. You want to show them that you are the valuable employee they think they have hired. In this final module, we will give you suggestions and strategies for a successful first day and a successful career.

Writing Covering Letters

Most contacts that you make for jobs or referrals will require that you include a covering letter or electronic document that explains why you are sending a resume. The Job Search for Success Letter can be adapted to your particular needs. It will make contacting and applying more focused and efficient for both you and your prospective employer. In this module we will give you step-by-step instructions for writing an effective covering letter.