Cross Cultural Training

Culture in Society

How do cultural differences influence friendship, family, romance and other interactions in society? The answer is, in many different ways. In this module you will become more aware of your understanding and views of social interactions.

Culture in the Workplace

Given what you have learned about how culture influences behaviour, you will not be surprised to learn that cultural differences can have a considerable effect on the workplace. In this module, you will explore the effect of culture on the workplace, focusing in particular on two of Hofstede's dimensions of culture: power distance and uncertainty avoidance.

Global Communications

In this module we will examine different types of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. You will learn about the factors that determine how effectively we communicate and find out how you would interpret and react to different forms of communication.

Introduction to Basic Cultural Differences

Your experience in another country will be much easier if you arrive armed with a basic understanding of what the culture will be like. Of course, you will find exceptions because all people do not behave and react the same way. This module will give you the basic knowledge you need to understand cultures that are different from your own.

What is Culture?

What exactly do we mean by the word culture? In this module you will learn the definition of culture, how it evolves, and how it influences behaviour.

What is Your Culture?

It is only through self awareness that you can really know how you will react in a different culture. This module will help you identify your own personal cultural values and beliefs and will help you discover your reactions to common situations in foreign lands.