HR Management

Developing Brand You

This course provides ideas and exercises designed to help you formulate clear ideas about creating Brand You and about managing your career. It will help you focus on what you like about your current position, what you would like in your next position, and what actions you need to take to gain control over your career. You will assess your strengths and devise a plan to work on your weaknesses.

Developing Your Career Path

Resumes are invaluable tools in the job search process. One extremely important purpose lies in the preparation process itself. You learn about yourself, your accomplishments and your goals. You also learn how to package and present yourself to fit the employer's needs.

Doing Performance Reviews

Everyone benefits when you take a collaborative, positive approach to performance reviews. Whether once a year or once a week, you will know how to do it effectively.

Effective Performance Feedback

Providing effective performance feedback is an important part of your role as a manager. This e-learning module will give you an understanding of the importance of performance feedback. Informal performance feedback is provided on an ongoing basic. A more formal process is the annual performance review. We will outline the stages of a performance review, and show you video clips of performance reviews in action. Finally, we will provide you with strategies for ensuring that your feedback is constructive and effective.

Employee Performance Recognition

Recognizing employee performance and giving positive reinforcement is a key element of motivation. Master this ability and reap the benefits of a motivated, high performing individual or team.

Employee Time Management

This course is designed to assist individuals in diverse occupations to understand time management and to practice specific techniques to improve their efficiency. The specific techniques presented include making lists, using a personal organizer, handling interruptions and delegating work tasks. The course discusses how time management skills will help you overcome the effects of stress.

Establishing Performance Goals and Expectations

Productive and motivated employees are those who clearly understand what is expected of them in terms of performance and behavior. This course has tools and methods for collaboratively establishing goals and specific performance criteria for all employees. There are tips to help you obtain commitment to your goals and methods to help you review performance goals regularly. It also includes documentation guidelines and techniques to help you get results through effective feedback and positive reinforcement.

Implementation of 360 Degree Feedback

This course is designed to help participants understand how to implement a 360-degree feedback system. There are many details that make such a system operate effectively. This course discusses the issues that must be considered well before any assessments are conducted, along with the best practices that make implementation successful. The course is designed to help users become more knowledgeable about this method, whether they plan to implement in-house or seek external assistance.

Managing Your Career Path

Resumes are invaluable tools in the job search process. Career planning is a process that requires candid assessment of your accomplishments, goals, talents and most importantly, your future plans. The course focuses on self-analysis and assists in career planning, whether you want to find a new job, make a lateral move, get a promotion or change careers within the same company. The material covers what you want to do, where you want to do it, financial issues and more.

Mentoring for Improved Performance

This course teaches effective coaching techniques, and enables you to help employees improve their work performance through a clearer sense of performance objectives and renewed motivation. You will learn specific and practical suggestions for diagnosing performance problems, understand appropriate actions based on the diagnosis, and be able to implement the coaching process in an effective manner.

Negotiating and Starting Right

This course explains how to proceed once an offer for employment has been made. You will learn what to do when you receive an offer, and how to act during the negotiation and acceptance phases of the interviewing process.

Negotiating Skills For The Professional

An effective sales professional knows how to meet customer needs while assuring reasonable terms and profit for his or her own company. This course has techniques for identifying customer expectations and determining how to meet them in a way that both parties are satisfied by the results. There are checklists and discussion guidelines to help a sales professional master this essential communication skill.

Networking Your Career Path

The power of networking is evident in various studies of the job search process, which conclude that between 70 and 80 percent of all executive and managerial jobs are obtained through networking. In this course, you will develop your initial network list of names and learn effective ways to begin using this list.

Overview of 360 Degree Feedback

This course is designed to present a broad overview of 360 degree feedback, also called multi-rater or multi-source feedback. This type of feedback system is becoming more popular in organizations, including many of the Fortune 50 Companies, and the Federal Government. Given its popularity and widespread use, many organizations are wondering whether such a system will benefit them. This course will acquaint participants with the nature of such systems, how they are used, who is involved, current thinking about concerns and benefits, and what to look for when considering the adoption of such a system.

Performance Appraisal Basics

The core element of every manager's job is performance management. Effectiveness in this area is directly determined by how well the manager plans and conducts the year-round and year-end elements of the appraisal process. This course is designed to educate you about the critical elements of the performance appraisal process.

Skills for Interviewing

Job candidates will find that this course gives them the A-to-Z of interviewing for a new job. The strategies and tips provide specific recommendations for valuable preliminary work, and tools to prepare for the interviewer's questions. Keypoints will help you promote your best image and create a positive impression. You will learn how to follow up with the interviewer and how to negotiate the best offer if you are selected.