Working With Customers

Creating Valuable Customer Relationships

Good customer relations are a key success factor in any business. This module will help you discover the advantages to you and your customers of reaching out to each other and communicating openly. You will examine issues such as rapport and trust, and identify what clients want in terms of communication. You will learn some techniques for establishing trust and eliminating negative messages from your communication, both of which will have a significant impact on your client relations. Finally, you will discover some challenging personality types and learn strategies for dealing with them. Creating Valuable Customer Relationships is one of a series of modules for customer service professionals.

Customer Loyalty Improvement

This course will provide employees and managers with a basic understanding of and tools for building customer loyalty. It covers basic principles and approaches to dealing with customers and creating loyal, repeat customers.

Customer Support

This course teaches you to use the power of the Internet to better support customers during the sales process and to increase customer satisfaction. You will learn about personalization techniques that permit firms to offer highly customized and individualized products and services. You will learn how to implement personalization for your company and to calculate the value it produces. The course also explains how a company can use Web enhancements to increase customer retention and loyalty, and to improve its best practices.

Customer Support Online

This course will teach you the important elements of effective interactivity. This includes user online behavior, choice, and demographics. You will learn how individuals on the Web demand customization and personalization. The course makes you aware that sensitivity to language and culture are important on the Net, and stresses the importance of the demographics of computer access. You will learn how effective interactivity facilitates online relationship building.

Developing Strong Customer Relationships

Your customers will make you or break you, and developing relationships is the bottom line. Find out how you can provide consistent and legendary customer service to maintain your competitive position.

Diffusing Tense Situations

Conflict is inevitable, whether at home or at work. However, conflict in business can seriously damage your relationship with your client and cause the client to sever ties with your company. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn to recognize the characteristics of a conflict and develop strategies for diffusing tense situations before they escalate. Managing conflict is a skill, and one that will enhance your ability to provide quality service to your clients.

Essential Multicultural Communication

What is multiculturalism? Multiculturalism involves the acceptance of all people, and allows for the diversities between cultures races, colours, genders, sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability. It is the principal upon which the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is based. Multicultural communication involves dealing with the communication issues that arise from living and working within a diverse community. This module allows you to explore some of the key issues in multicultural communication, and then develop some skills that will help you to become a better communicator in a diverse, multicultural business environment.

Handling Difficult Customers

Today's information-age customers are the most informed and demanding shoppers ever. For a service representative, meeting the demands of one of these savvy customers can be a customer service nightmare! Taking this course will wake you from the nightmare and show you how to calm angry customers and resolve their complaints while keeping your cool.

Helping and Keeping Clients

Each client that approaches you is looking to be helped in some way. If you are able to determine the needs of that client, you will likely be able to provide quality service. And once a client knows that you are committed to meeting their needs, they will likely continue to turn to you in the future, and you will have taken a significant step towards building a long-term and productive relationship.

Identifying Customer Service Outcomes

How do you identify successful customer service encounters? Find evidence of customer service excellence and use this knowledge to exceed customer expectations. With valuable coaching skills, you can "close the gaps" in customer service.

Providing Quality Service

Quality Service involves more than meeting client expectations. In fact, it is the term given to a business philosophy and management technique that is focused on exceeding client expectations. A key component of quality service is quality communication. In this module you will learn how you can help improve your company's level of service and customer satisfaction by improving the quality of your communication.

Providing Service Excellence

The secret is really good service is to treat your customer the way you would want to be treated. So, why is it so hard to find in today’s world of business? In our new economy, with all the technological tools in our hands, customer service should be easy to deliver. But customer service cannot be fully automated; it has to happen with and between people. And, even though we know when we receive good customer service, it is hard to define or to quantify. In this module, we will look at the value of customer service and how to implement it in organizations. Customer service is a cornerstone of any business and every employee can make a difference.