Sexual Harassment for Managers & Supervisors

Defining Sexual Harassment

This module reviews definitions of sexual harassment and outlines what constitutes sexual harassment. You will be able to recognize barriers and actions that constitute sexual harassment; identify circumstances in which sexual harassment can occur; outline types of sexual harassment; and recognize behaviors that could be interpreted as sexual harassment.

Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints

This module reviews ways to investigate and handle complaints of sexual harassment. You will be able to establish guidelines for investigating and handling complaints; investigate complaints in a timely, fair and judicious manner; and identify appropriate remedial action to be taken.

Strategies for Preventing Sexual Harassment

This module outlines steps organizations can take to prevent sexual harassment. You will be able to define what “unwanted” or “unwelcome” means; outline 10 ways organizations can prevent harassment; and outline important elements of a sexual harassment policy.

Understanding Sexual Harassment Legislation

This module provides an overview of sexual harassment legislation including California’s AB 1825. You will be able to understand the impact sexual harassment has on the workplace; define your responsibility; and be compliant with sexual harassment legislation.