Basic Business Finance

Business Finance Basics

Every employee plays a role in financial management. Finance involves understanding and making good financial decisions at all organizational levels. This course presents information about the fundamentals of corporate finance. It shows how various work activities can and do affect the financial health of an organization. The course introduces concepts, examples and knowledge that non-financially oriented employees need to know to understand the role finance plays in an organization's decision-making process.

Shareholder Value Creation

As we enter a new century, creating shareholder value has become a dominant corporate goal. Today global capital markets, corporate takeovers, mergers and acquisitions are the norm. Participants in this course will learn why increasing shareholder value is the ultimate purpose of firms and why such stock represents a good investment. They will also learn why economic value added and net cash flow are two of the most important measures of a firm's success, how they are measured and why it is used to guide investment decisions. Additionally, participants will learn what characteristics increase the value of firms to investors, how firms create competitive advantage and what strategies firms use to create shareholder value.