Banking, Credit and Money  - New

Budgeting Basics

This module will provide you with the basics for setting up a plan to manage your finances. It is intended to be a starting point that will help you develop habits to improve your financial wellbeing! We will talk about why you need a budget, give you budgeting tips, and provide budget worksheets that you can download and print. Topics are: why should you budget?, budgeting tips, budget worksheets and budgeting your debt away. This is the fifth module in Banking, Credit and Money.

Defining Credit

This module provides an introduction to credit. We will discuss applying for credit, what creditors look for, and how the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Truth in Lending Act protect you. We will review the four rules of good credit – following these rules will help you build a good credit profile. We will discuss how credit scores are used. And finally we will provide a list of credit counseling and reporting resources. Topics are: credit basics, applying for credit, protection against discrimination, four rules of good credit, your credit score, and credit counselling and reporting. This is the third module in Banking, Credit and Money.

Introduction to Banking

This module will give you an introduction to banking. We will review types of accounts, and talk about debit cards, direct deposits and online banking. We will also explain compound interest. Topics are: Types of Accounts, ATM and Debit Cards, Direct Deposit, Online Banking and Compound Interest. This is the first module in Banking, Credit and Money.


In this module we will look at types of loans, the cost of carrying a loan or credit, and how you can use a home loan to improve your credit. And finally, we will give you advice on what kind of loans and lenders to avoid and tips for making common loan decisions. Topics are: loan basics, types of loans, the cost of credit, using home loans to improve your credit and loan advice. This is the fourth module in Banking, Credit and Money.

Products, Tools and Resources

In this module we will look at products, tools and resources available from your financial institution. We will give you tips for dealing with your bank, provide important information on protecting your identify, and talk about what you should do if you have a complaint about your bank. Topics are: dealing with your bank, ChexSystems and TeleCheck reporting agencies, protecting your identify and what to do if you have a complaint. This is the second module in Banking, Credit and Money.

The Power of Investing

In this module we will talk about basic investing principles. Wise investing requires knowledge of key financial concepts and an understanding of your personal investment profile and how these work together to impact investing decisions. Topics are: investment basics, risk and return, time-value of money and asset allocation. This is the sixth module in Banking, Credit and Money.