Project Management

Project Management

These days much of your work is probably organized around projects. How do you know who should do what by when? How do you make sure it gets done?

Project Management: Getting Ready

Project management (PM) is the application of skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques in order to meet or exceed stakeholder requirements. This course is designed to introduce the project management life cycle and to show where a project begins and ends. You will learn how to divide a project into several project phases to better control project deliverables. The course covers topics including the project life cycle (PLC), deliverables, organizational support structures and the key organizational influences that can affect a project.

Project Management: Goals and Stakeholders

Mission statements should be developed for every project in order to set goals and objectives, and to provide guidelines for making decisions. In this course you will learn to develop a mission statement for a project team and project stakeholders. You will learn to establish objectives, manage stakeholder expectations and detail project feasibility.

Project Management: The Basics

This course is designed to introduce you to project management and increase your understanding of what it is and is not. The course presents definitions, boundaries and basic responsibilities as well as some examples of projects.