eLearning Client Testimonials

"Attracting and retaining good employees is the key to LaserNetworks’ future growth. The Chamber eLearning Centre is an innovative, high tech training solution. We expect it to improve employee retention, increase employee productivity, enhance our capabilities and improve competitiveness". Chris Stoate, President, LaserNetworks, Oakville, ON


"I never even used a computer until 4 weeks ago. With the eLearning courses I can now do email and write a letter to our customers. I’ve completed the Track Selling sales videos and I’m prepared to start making calls to increase our business. The courses were easy to understand and follow. Elearning is fantastic! It’s going to help me improve my skills and contribute more to our business".  Marino Liberta, Lincoln Paving, Toronto, ON


"I heard about Growth Advisors through the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and had the pleasure of meeting Greg Peterson to discuss e-learning. I started taking e-learning courses in December, 2006. I had the opportunity to try out a few courses and was surprised as to how much I have learned. My biggest challenge at first was finding the time to take these courses. I then realized that doing these courses on-line was much more beneficial than a full day course which requires me to take a day away from my business and transportation. I have taken 18 courses to date, and have really learned a lot. The variety of courses is absolutely incredible. I now prioritize my week to allow time to take these courses because of their value. I would highly recommend to anyone that e-learning is the way to go. The courses are fun, interactive and very satisfying in what you achieve at the end of each course. Nicole Porlier, The Glass Half Full, Oakville, Ontario


As a HR consultant and trainer, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the e-training solutions offered by your company.   Your e-learning offering is a viable solution for those with limited funds for training. In addition, the convenience of taking courses 24/7 in short segments does not disrupt the workday and improves retention.  The program can be used as a stand-alone solution or part of a blended learning solution to reinforce classroom or facilitator led workshop training.  Joanne Royce, Royce & Associates, Human Resources and Training Solutions


I completed a skills assessment and took an Excel lesson on the Growth Advisors E-Learning site this morning.  Feedback:  After completing the skills assessment for Excel 2003 I was surprised at how poorly my scores were.  Since I use Excel almost daily I feel comfortable with creating basic spreadsheets and formulas however I was not up to par on the definitions and alternative methods available.  Once I was able to determine my weaknesses I completed Lesson #3 to review the fundamentals of Excel. I thought the lesson was interesting and helpful in updating my knowledge of Excel's capabilities.  Having both visual and audio components makes the lesson well suited for different learning styles.  In addition, I enjoyed that the skills assessment was not simply multiple choice questions but included questions in which the user selects the correct answer on an example window.

I think taking these courses will help me to stay current and expand my understanding of programs that I use every day. This will not only help me to create better presentations and proposals to clients but it will also make me more efficient in performing simple tasks. Heather Gatt, Account Manager, LaserNetworks Inc.


"I’ve had our four key supervisors take a series of management and leadership courses over the last 3 months. I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made to their attitudes, teamwork and motivation. Now that they have taken the training, they have confidence in themselves and their abilities to effectively manage their staff. It has definitely changed the atmosphere in the company and has created a very positive culture. I highly recommend the Growth Advisors eLearning Centre."

Louie Liberta, Lincoln Paving, Toronto

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